Winter weather

Stay secure with our expert winter planning advice

Do you have a burst pipe? This is an emergency

When the weather gets cooler, it's vital to protect your business. The impact of adverse weather conditions can cost a lot of money in repairs, and can often be avoided.

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1. Sign up for winter alerts

The MET office provide free winter alerts. Sign up and they'll drop you an email when the temperature drops in your area.

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2. Check for existing leaks

Leaky taps and valves make your pipes more likely to freeze. A few quick fixes now could help you to avoid expensive repairs later. If you have a leak, it's important to close the stop-valve and contact a plumber straight away.

Find out how to check for leaks.

3. Lag any exposed pipes

Exposed pipes are the first to freeze and cause damage. A cheap and simple option is to pad and insulate them to help keep the chill out.

4. Will you be closing over the winter?

Leave your heating on very low throughout the winter. This helps keep the temperature up.

Drain your pipes. Close the stop-valve and turn all of your hot and cold taps on until they run dry.

Have your pipes frozen?

Don't panic, but please be careful. This is a delicate time and you must be cautious so as to avoid a burst pipe (and an emergency). 

Please follow our advice

Do you have a burst pipe?

This is an emergency. It's important to act quickly to minimise damage. Please follow our four simple steps. 

Please follow our advice
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