Burst pipes

Take control in an emergency

It’s important to act quickly when you discover a burst pipe. Follow our simple steps below or download our guide to help minimise damage.

Download our guide

1. Shut off your water supply and drain your system straight away

Close the stop-valve straight away, then open all hot and cold taps until they run dry. Less water in the system will minimise flood damage.

2. Switch off your mains electricity supply

If there is a chance that water might come into contact with any electrical wiring or fittings, turn off your power. 

3. Try to temporarily fix the burst pipe

Bind the burst pipe tightly with cloth or tape or use a pipe clamp to fix the problem until a plumber can make a permanent repair.

4. Contact your neighbours, a plumber and Business Stream

Make sure that turning off your water hasn’t affected the supply to nearby premises. Call in a registered plumber to replace the burst pipe urgently.

Wasted water costs money, so let us know what’s happened. We might be able to take your burst pipe into account when calculating your next bill.

Contact us

If you need to speak to us in an emergency you can contact us on

0330 123 2000, Monday to Friday between 9.00am - 5.00pm

Outside of these hours, you’ll need to contact your regional wholesaler directly.

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