How to check for leaks

Follow our helpful advice to find leaks so that you can fix them

A leak in your property can cost in damage and unnecessary bills. That's why we've got five simple steps to help you find and fix them.

1. Make sure no water is being used

This includes both inside and outside your property. Choose a time where your staff have left and your business is as quiet as possible. Turn off all taps and appliances and make a note of your meter read.

2. Do not turn anything on for the next two hours

After this time, check your meter read again. If the number has changed then you have a leak.

3. Check to see if your leak is internal or external 

Turn your stop-valve off; this cuts off your mains supply of water. Then take a note of your meter read.

4. Wait again for two hours

If your meter read has changed, then your leak is somewhere between your property and the meter. If this is the case, you need to call Business Stream. If your meter has stopped ticking, then your leak is internal and you need to find it.

5. Find your internal leak

There are many common places that leaks occur here. First try and find any obvious leaks, and if you can't find them, please call your plumber.

The common leaks


Leaking faucets


Make sure you've fixed the leak

Make sure you've fixed the leak

Once you've made repairs, turn all of your taps and appliances off, making sure no water is being used inside or outside your property. Take a note of the water meter reading, then leave it for two hours (make sure no water is used in this time). Check the meter read again and if it remains at the same number, congratulations you've fixed your leak! If the number has changed, call a plumber.

How we can help

If you’re having trouble detecting a leak, our team of experts can help. Our specialists work fast to track and repair water leaks with minimum disruption to your business - saving you money and mitigating any risk. 

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