Consumption during COVID-19

Please fill in this webform to ensure we have the correct information regarding the dates your business property was temporarily closed and an accurate meter read. This will help us to ensure the consumption data we have for your property is accurate.

Yorkshire Temporary Vacant Consumption

You will find this number on the top right of your bill - it will always be a ten digit number starting with a 9.

Date your business closed
Date your business reopened

Note: this is not when the business reopened but the date premises started being prepared for reopening. For the purposes of being marked as Temporary Vacant the last date that can be used under the scheme is 31st July 2020.


Please only attempt to retrieve a meter read if it is safe to do so. Only read the white dials and please ignore the red dials.

Please provide details of why your premise saw water consumption during COVID-19, including nay photographic evidence, private plumber/ wholesale water provider reports, damage reports to support your claim using the upload facility.