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Business Stream helps Pro-Pak adhere to effluent water regulations

13 July 2021 Reading time: 4 minutes

From reaching out to Business Stream at the time for an urgent DAF plant to aid our site, we were put through a short chain to get exact data and detail to ensure the system would be set up to succeed. Since installing the plant on site, we have been nothing but impressed with the results. The training, guidance and support we have received has been fantastic and we are now able to make a long-term installation having secured solid data of our own."
Simon Oxendale Regional Head of Engineering, Pro-Pak Food Ltd

The Challenge

Pro-Pak Foods Ltd is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of pre-cooked convenience meals. In March 2020 they identified an issue with the trade effluent disposal system at their North Yorkshire site in Malton. The issue meant that they were unable to properly dispose of fats, oils and grease (FOG) and settleable solids (SS).

All companies have to ensure they are trade effluent compliant and if found to be in breach could face a costly fine and reputational damage. In Pro-Pak’s case the fine could be anything up to 10% of the firm’s turnover. This reality, combined with their commitment to remain compliant, meant it was vital that they found a workable solution.

Business Stream were brought in to help and worked quickly to fix the problem.

The Solution

It was agreed that the most effective way to resolve the issue was to install a DAF treatment plant, which removes FOG and organic matter from water. Given this issue occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, usual business practices had to be re-evaluated in order to meet the new working conditions and requirements in place. Business Stream proposed working with its contracted partners to reduce the number of non-essential workers operating on site during the pandemic, coordinating the project from start to finish.

The work was carried out quickly to get the equipment ready and, after being fully certified, it was then installed and commissioned at the customer’s site. Detailed training and advice on how to operate the equipment was also provided.

As a result of the plant being installed, the disposal system unit is now working effectively - helping to ensure Pro-Pak remains compliant and avoids any unnecessary and substantial financial costs.

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