Coca Cola

Bringing refreshment to the drinks industry. We helped Coca-Cola progress towards its water-neutral target.

07 November 2016 Reading time: 2 minutes

Bottling Success 

Business Stream’s experts helped Coca-Cola progress towards its water-neutral target.

Delivering water saving expertise to allow maximum efficiency. 

The Challenge

Coca-Cola Enterprises has made an ambitious commitment. By 2020 it aims to have a water-neutral impact – returning to the environment the same amount of water it uses in production. So when the brand’s factory in East Kilbride was awarding a contract for maintenance of its water treatment system, it needed to find a partner with the right water-saving expertise. 

The Solution

We won the contract and set about optimising the treatment plant for efficiency. Our team found that filters designed to remove contaminants were draining away too much water, resulting in wastage. We introduced new valve controls to correct this, as well as suggesting further ways to improve performance. We also produced a graphic of the plant and an operation manual to equip the onsite team to handle day-to-day treatment issues more effectively. 

The Successful Outcome

The plant’s filters had been wasting 1.4% of the water used. 

Our involvement has allowed the East Kilbride team to: 

  • tackle water wastage 
  • make further progress towards its environmental targets 
  • save money on water charges 
  • understand better how the plant can operate at maximum efficiency 

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