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Business Stream’s services help Eaton Titchfield save 16,000m3 of water a year

15 February 2023

Business Stream is an invaluable partner on our sustainability journey across all Eaton sites in the UK. We’re thrilled to have their support as we strive to eliminate water loss at Eaton Titchfield and beyond.
Luke Taplin Procurement Manager Eaton

Eaton is an intelligent power management company dedicated to improving quality of life and to protecting the environment for people everywhere.

The company is committed to doing business right, to operating sustainably and to enabling customers, in more than 170 countries, to use power more effectively.

Capitalising on global growth trends around electrification and digitalisation, Eaton is accelerating the transition to renewable energy and helping to solve the world’s most urgent power management challenges.

The challenge

Since July 2019, Business Stream has been working with Eaton to generate greater water efficiencies and ensure waste management compliance across 17 sites in England. As part of these services, in 2020 Eaton’s Titchfield site was found to have higher than expected water consumption, suggesting a leak.

To ensure no water was being wasted, Eaton and Business Stream worked together to identify the issue and fix the problem. However, it quickly became clear that this was not a simple leak given the size of Eaton’s site. A longer-term plan was needed to detect and resolve the problem using a variety of methods.

The solution

To resolve the issue, Business Stream experts began on-site leakage services, which included carrying out site visits to detect and repair leaks; installing new valves; and step testing. The majority of this work had to take place out of hours, during evenings and weekends, so as not to disrupt the site’s operations.

“As active stewards of the environment, we’re dedicated to enabling more sustainable operations,” says Ian Wheeler, EHS & Facilities Manager, Eaton. “This includes conserving water, that most precious of natural resources, and one of our ambitious 2030 sustainability goals is to certify many more of our manufacturing sites as zero water discharge.”

The Results

The Results

As the graph on the next page shows, water consumption at Eaton Titchfield has trended down since remedial work began. Previously, baseline consumption was approximately 60m3/day. As a result of Business Stream’s interventions, this figure now stands at around 16m3/day—a saving of 73 percent, which is the equivalent of enough water to fill an Olympic swimming pool every two months.

Business Stream’s on-site leakage services have also delivered significant cost savings for Eaton:

· £158.50 per day
· £4,755 per month
· £57,000 per year

Despite these savings, Eaton and Business Stream remain committed to further water usage reductions at the Titchfield site. In 2023, the next phase of the project will focus on returning baseline water consumption to zero by removing the location’s cooling towers.

At Eaton, we believe environmental and financial goals can go hand-in-hand,” continues Lewis Hutchinson, Site MESH Champion, Eaton. “The dramatic water usage reduction we’ve achieved with Business Stream really brings this to life—enabling a win-win for both our business and our sustainability strategy.

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