EDF Energy

Waste water pollutants reduced. Redesigning a plant that can cope better with the demands of a power station.

20 December 2016 Reading time: 3 minutes

Generating Success 

The redesigned plant can cope better with the demands of the power station.

We helped to develop a waste water management strategy to reduce pollutants and develop a more flexible system to cope with varying demand levels. 

The Challenge

Torness Power Station on the East Lothian coast has the capacity to supply electricity to over a million households. Operator EDF Energy was faced with the challenge of improving the performance of the nuclear station’s waste water treatment plant. With environmental issues at the top of its agenda, it needed to be confident that discharges from the plant would meet the required standards. 


We carried out a water audit, looking at water use trends and identifying opportunities for improvement. We drew up a range of innovative solutions which included design enhancements, project management of contractors and ongoing management of the treatment plant. EDF was keen to harness our expertise by outsourcing the site’s waste water management. Our team worked closely with the environmental regulator, SEPA, to ensure the project met all requirements. Under the maintenance contract with EDF Energy, we now analyse discharge readings every week, advise on trends and suggest ideal settings for the waste water plant. 

The Successful Outcome

EDF Energy has gained from handing over management of this non-core function to water experts. The project has delivered: 

  • reduced levels of pollutants in the waste water discharged 
  • more flexible system that can better cope with the fluctuating demands put on it by the power station. 

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