Hydrant testing for gas producer ensures safety

17 December 2019

The challenge

BOC is the largest provider of industrial, medical and special gases in the UK and Ireland.

As a long-standing customer of ours, BOC needed our help to test the maximum flows of its hydrants at its Motherwell and Grangemouth sites. This is an essential process given the nature of BOC’s work, which involves ensuring the safe production of atmospheric gases including oxygen and nitrogen.

We were tasked with testing the flows of fire hydrants on both sites in order to ensure they were fit for Scottish Fire and Rescue to use in an emergency.

The solution 

Our expert team visited both sites to carry out extensive testing and reporting. They first installed pressure loggers on all the hydrants at both sites. This was done to collect data under normal operational conditions before and after the flow tests.

Flow tests were then carried out on each hydrant separately to ascertain the maximum flow rate achievable. Once all tests were complete the pressure loggers were removed.

A final report was generated using pressure logger data, which detailed the flow rates for each hydrant tested.

This process, carried out annually, ensures that all hydrants are working safely and effectively, giving BOC peace of mind that their sites are meeting fire safety regulations and insurance requirements.


Download the case study.

It’s fantastic to work with a water retailer that we know we can trust. The team’s expertise and experience means that the job is always done with ease, giving us peace of mind that our fire hydrants are operating safely and effectively.
David Ivey Facility Engineer, BOC

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