898 sites were onboarded to benefit from a single, consolidated and accurate bill.

23 April 2018 Reading time: 3 minutes

Business Stream has successfully onboarded all 898 of Morrisons’ UK sites. As a result, Morrisons now receive a single, consolidated, accurate bill for all of their water, waste water and trade effluent services – saving a significant amount of time and money.

The Challenge

After securing the UK-wide contract, we were tasked with transferring all of Morrisons’ English sites with the 98 sites we already serviced in Scotland as seamlessly as possible. In addition to it being a large account, we also had to undertake this transfer whilst navigating a new and complex market (we began the onboarding process the day the English retail water market opened in April 2017).

The Solution

Within two days of the contract being signed, we initiated the transfer process and appointed an expert team to look after Morrisons. In addition to providing them with a dedicated account manager, we also appointed a transition manager and specialist team to onboard the sites and ensure the process ran smoothly.

Through our due diligence, we identified the need to validate each site to ensure the billing data was accurate. We handled all the interactions with the multiple wholesalers across each of the regions Morrisons operate in, and with the Market Operator, to ensure the effective transfer of every single site. As we drew closer to completing the onboarding process, we ran billing tests and put in place additional monitoring to enable us to detect and resolve any potential billing issues.  These steps provided Morrisons with confidence that our systems and practices were working effectively and helped to ensure that their billing was accurate.

The Successful Outcome

Morrisons now receive a single, consolidated, accurate bill for all of their water, waste water and trade effluent services, saving a significant amount of time and money and making the process effortless from their perspective. 

As a result, they can now also focus on the benefits that can be gained from the wide range of value added services we provide, including water efficiency measures and AMR – safe in the knowledge that the onboarding process has been completed successfully and the billing process is running smoothly.

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