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When small changes can make big saving. Reducing water consumption by 50% using water saving devices.

07 November 2016 Reading time: 3 minutes

News UK scoops savings 

Business Stream’s experts reduce News UK’s water consumption by 50% using water saving devices.

When Business Stream used automatic meter reading to analysewater use at News UK, many apportunities for water efficiency were found. 

The Challenge

The site where News UK prints some of Scotland’s leading newspapers is a modern building at Eurocentral, Lanarkshire. The company had already done all it could to ensure efficient production processes. So could it scoop any further savings on its water bills by working with the water experts at Business Stream? 

The Solution

Business Stream experts carried out a site audit, focusing investigations on the domestic side of the company’s activities. Automated meter reading was used to track and analyse water use patterns. 

  • As a result the following solutions were identified: 
  • replacing faulty urinal cisterns and reducing their water use 
  • saving water used in showers, by using efficient showerheads 
  • limiting water flow from taps 

Calculations showed that the investment required to install new devices would pay for itself within little over a year. 

The Successful Outcome

The results outstripped expectations – halving News UK’s water consumption at the site. 

  • Reducing water consumption alone saved £5,000 a year. Reducing the meter size to fit the new consumption rates cut a further £3,000 from the firm’s fixed charges 
  • News UK also stands to gain a substantial discount by signing up to a longer-term supply deal 
  • We’re now helping the company investigate the harvesting of rainwater for production use, to achieve even more efficiencies 

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Business Stream proactively came up with lots of savings ideas – it’s refreshing to find a company that works so hard for customers’ benefit
Neil Masson Technical Services Manager, News UK Contact

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