It’s quick and easy to keep your business water tight

03 June 2020 Reading time: 3 mins

As a nation, we have faced many challenges over the last few months and during these difficult times it’s important that you, as a business owner, have one less thing to worry about. Whether your business has had to close due to Covid-19 or you’re continuing to trade as your business supports our key workers and communities, then it’s worth ensuring you aren’t wasting water and money as a result of a leak.

If your premises is closed

If you are visiting your property take a meter reading when you leave and make a note of it. Please don’t visit your property just to read your water meter and only read your meter if it is safe to do so. When you next return to the property take another meter reading. If the reading has increased, then you may have a leak.

If your premises remains open

At the end of the day check that all of the water fittings are switched off and read the meter. When you open the next working day check your meter again. If the read has increased, you may have a leak.

Fixing leaks saves water and money

Leaks aren’t always visible and a lot of water can also be wasted unnecessarily where toilet cisterns or urinal flushes are continually running, or a tap is dripping. If you think you may have a leak then visit our website for more information Remember if it’s an emergency you can get in touch with us straight away. Our expert team are on hand to provide you with helpful and practical advice.


If you would like more information on what we are doing to help customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, read our Covid-19 FAQs.