Amending my SAA reference or Live Rateable Value

Applicable to Scottish properties only. Use this process if you believe that the Live Rateable Value of your property is missing or incorrect.

Follow these steps to keep things right...

If you feel that the Rateable Value we're using for your property is incorrect, we'll be happy to look into that for you. We can only use details held on the Scottish Assessors Association (SAA) website. So make sure that your rates are correct there first.

Step 1

Check the Rateable Value of your property on the Scottish Assessors Association website.

Step 2

If you believe your Rateable Value to be incorrect there, contact your local Assessor to discuss the possibility of changing it.

Step 3

If we're missing your Rateable Value or your property has a different Rateable Value on the SAA website to the one we hold, we'll be happy to look into fixing that for you. Complete the form below, providing us with your SAA reference. Remember - we can only accept Rateable Values that are registered on the SAA website.