English charges by area

The charges you pay are based upon the retail charging scheme associated with the location of your supply point. There are different schemes for each wholesaler area and it’s important to note that your water wholesaler may be different from your waste water wholesaler.

Please click on the your area below:

Affinity areas

For Affinity area rates click here.

Anglian area

For the Anglian area rates click here.

Bournemouth area

For Bournemouth area rates click here.

Bristol area

For Bristol area rates click here

Cambridge area

For Cambridge area rates click here

Essex & Suffolk area

For Essex & Suffolk area rates click here.

Northumbrian area

For Northumbrian area rates click here.

Portsmouth area

For Portsmouth area click here.

Severn Trent area

For Severn Trent area rates click here.

South East area

For South East area rates click here.

South Staffs area

For South Staffs area rates click here.

South West area

For South West rates click here.

Sutton and East Surrey area

For Sutton and East Surrey area rates click here.

Thames area

For Thames area rates click here.

United Utilities area

For United Utilities area rates click here.

Wessex area

For Wessex area rates click here.

For the purposes of our Standard Terms and Conditions for Supplying Water and Waste Water Services, https://business-stream.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/ the charging schemes referenced below are the relevant Charging Statements that apply to the provision of our services to customers with supply points within these areas. Payment of our charges is due no later than 14 calendar days after the date on which our bill is issued. If we don’t receive payment on time from you we will apply a charge of £82.50+VAT to cover our costs of recovery. If you still continue to fail to pay your bill we will apply a second recovery charge of £110+ VAT to your account.