Get peace of mind that your water usage is as efficient as possible, with better knowledge of your site infrastructure and water network

Business Stream has a team of unrivalled experts to help you deliver your business water plan and implement any infrastructure changes and save you money on your water charges.

Expert teams of pipeline installation and repair engineers who are fully certified to install or repair existing water mains

Experts in drainage will ensure that your network functions correctly

Our vast knowledge of techniques, allows us to choose the ‘best for you’ solution, which can mean no digging is required, reducing disruption to work on site

We can expedite the connections applications process and have an unrivalled record in getting applications through the system

Developer services: water, drainage and developer impact assessments

Supporting an application when you’re applying for a new connection in Scotland.

Water and drainage impact assessments (WIA) and a developer impact assessment (DIA) are used to determine the impact your development will have on the existing network. Our team are experts in helping with these assessments and predicting any upgrades to the network that may be required.

By establishing the capacity of your local water network or sewer system, we’ll work with you to get a plan and implement the solution that’s best for you. 

Pipeline infrastructure services: sewer rehabilitation 

Whether a one-off clean or a managed cleaning schedule, you’ll be left with peace of mind that your pipes will run as they should.

Business Stream can manage and undertake sewer cleaning and jetting, improving sewer performance and enabling us to assess the condition of the existing infrastructure.

Using cameras, radar and manual inspection to ensure we can get the most accurate assessment of the condition of your infrastructure. We can undertake repair, replacement and sewer removal.

Developer services: connection assistance

Business Stream have unrivalled experience in designing, laying and upgrading water mains, sewers and associated works.

In Scotland, the process of applying for a network connection with Scottish Water can be tricky. Save time, money and gain peace of mind - let our team of experts manage this for you.

Our solutions team can provide a “one stop shop” offering project management from start to finish. We can help you with all or any part of the application process from investigation and design to actually putting the mains in the ground.

Developer services: flow and pressure testing 

Helping to determine what effect a proposed new connection, or increased demand on the local area water network, may have on existing customers.

We can undertake these tests for you to better understand the network capacity and vulnerability. The reports from the test help to assist the wholesaler in determining if an application for water supply can be approved or if infrastructure upgrades or alterations are required.

Our team of experts can interpret the results of this survey to assist you in your connection request.

Pipeline infrastructure services: water mains installation and repair

Managing the design and installation of your water mains.

You’ll get the benefit of unrivalled experience of infrastructure design and build, and a commitment to finding creative solutions that save you money. Our team of experts can:

  • Install or repair any highlighted defects in your water network from replacing and repairing pipe sections or entire networks
  • Supply all the support services required, such as existing utilities mapping, ground condition survey and network design as required
  • Offer design consultancy plus pressure testing and quality and soil sampling
  • Excavate and lay pipework for new mains to current standard and specifications
  • Carry out water mains diversion, for example to clear the way for site development

Sites in England?

If you have sites in England, the process may be slightly different. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and our team will be able to help.

Convinced of the potential savings to be found, we came up with an innovative approach that will allow the authority to achieve substantial savings, without any upfront costs through a 'gainshare' model.
Glasgow City Council Case Study