24/7 emergency support

Experiencing a water emergency? Call us on 0330 123 2100

If you’re experiencing a water outage, contact our Emergency Line for immediate assistance. We’ll carry out an assessment to determine whether the supply interruption is on your network or the wholesaler’s.

If the supply interruption is on Scottish Water’s network:

  • we’ll liaise with Scottish Water continuously and provide you with regular updates, and
  • we’ll coordinate the supply of emergency tankered or bottled water for sensitive sites as appropriate.

 If the supply issue is on your network:

  • we’ll offer tailored assistance - which may include leak detection and repair, and emergency tankered and bottled water to help keep your sites operational, and
  • we’ll also implement the protocols on your tailored emergency plan, if you have one in place.

Increase network resilience with tailored emergency and contingency planning

If your sites are classified as ‘Sensitive’ by the market codes and/or by Scottish Water, our Emergency Planning Coordinator will ensure our systems reflect the market. We’ll be happy to support you by providing help and advice when required.

For sites where there is a risk to welfare but where the sites are not classified as Critical or Sensitive, we will provide a tailored Emergency Plan service free of charge on request.

Stay informed of planned wholesaler works

You’ll be notified at least four weeks’ in advance of Scottish Water planned works. Where appropriate, we’ll request that the wholesaler reschedules works if they will unreasonably affect your sites.

Managing your portfolio

Our dedicated Case Owner team will be happy to support you with your sites and any changes to your portfolio. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure your accounts are up-to-date.