Our services to you

Current services

As part of your bespoke PSS package, our current service offerings include:

  • Simple billing and easy payment methods
  • Intelligent water management
  • Dedicated Public Sector Scotland Customer Service Team
  • My Business Stream online portal
  • Ability to add, amend or remove sites easily
  • Free Connections Assistance Service
  • Water consumption and cost reporting insight and analysis
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Free AMR on meters 50mm or above
  • Trade effluent management and risk control
  • Flexible funding options
  • Annual Water Efficiency Fund, and
  • Dedicated PSS phone line.

Upcoming service enhancements

In addition to these services, we’re launching some enhancements as part of the new Framework starting from 1 April 2024. We’ll communicate these to you as the services become available. If you join the Framework after 1 April 2024, your Account Manager will share these updates with you. Upcoming service enhancements include:

  • We’ve increased our Water Efficiency Fund to £100k per year
  • We’ll provide free AMR on all ‘loggable’ meters 30mm or above which are not currently logged
  • Discounted AMR pricing for 25mm meters and below
  • Free water butt to every primary school in Scotland
  • 100 days of free on-site leak detection surveys across the Framework term
  • Enhanced billing - AMR index reads taken closer to the bill date (three days in advance instead of five days)
  • Monthly training webinars
  • Webchat available on My Business Stream
  • Track queries and complaints progress on My Business Stream
  • Consolidated bills issued within five days of the month end
  • Scheduled meter readings for bill accuracy
  • Facilitated meetings between you, us and your chosen M&T provider
  • A suite of new interactive reports and dashboards, powered by PowerBI
  • New user guides and video tutorials
  • Regular regional Water Forums
  • Educational water efficiency workshops for customers and their suppliers
  • Free online benchmarking tool to assess your water consumption
  • Connections Assistance Service
  • Four water related data projects each year, and
  • We’re offering enhanced advanced payment options including enhanced discounts for annual deposit and payment in advance.