Accurate billing and easy to process payments

We offer a range of billing options to choose from including consolidated billing.

Your consolidated bills

With consolidated billing, you’ll receive a single monthly consolidated statement in a PDF format and separate individual invoices for each account. You’ll also receive a detailed monthly consolidated breakdown in several formats including EDI Tradacoms, XLS and CSV and we’ll issue consolidated bills within five working days of the month end. Please note, payment is required within 30 days of the invoice date.

Your monthly bill and meter readings 

For faster processing, all bills have an easy-to-read layout and itemised line items for each charge type. You’ll automatically receive ebills through our online portal, My Business Stream, too.

Your monthly bill will include all of your sites. Unmetered and vacant sites will be billed monthly in advance and metered sites will be billed monthly in arrears.

We’ll also use automated meter reads (AMR) and actual meter readings for billing purposes, where they are available. As part of the transition to the new Framework, we’ll schedule an appointment-based site visit to your premises with our specialist partner, Occutrace, to discuss any meters that haven’t been read in the previous 12 months. This helps to reduce long unread meters and improves bill accuracy. We’ll also schedule two actual reads per year for each meter, and monthly reads for meters sized 80mm+.

We’ll commission an independent bill validator to undertake an annual sample review of our bills, to assess our billing quality and provide an extra level of accuracy and assurance.

Your bill includes:

  • the date of your bill
  • the period the bill covers
  • meter numbers
  • site name
  • site address
  • water SPID and waste water SPID
  • site metering and metering charges
  • volume of water consumed in m3
  • reductions applied including discounts
  • meter read type
  • payment method options
  • site liability for waste water charges (including appropriate rates and charges)
  • site liability for property drainage charges (including appropriate rates and charges)
  • additional/related meters
  • meter change details, and
  • your own customisable site reference codes.

Your bill will now also include:

  • Year to date (YTD) consumption

This measures the volume of water consumed at each site in the current financial year. YTD is calculated using your meter readings and an estimation of consumption based on the average daily consumption for your site.

  • Rateable value (RV)

Your RV will soon be shown on your bills. Your bill will only display the current RV. This means that if the RV changed half way through the month, it won’t display the old value.

  • Meter serial numbers

We have enhanced the display of detail in our bills for sub meters. You will soon be able to see the meter serial numbers for sub meters, on your bill next to the meter consumption data.

  • Actual meter readings

Any meter readings received and validated within the billed period will also be shown on your bill. For a meter reading to be classed as validated, it needs to be accepted by the market. This means reads received after the 25th of the month are unlikely to be included.

You can view our handy bill explainer at