Discount terms and conditions

Business Stream direct debit, combi and loyalty discounts.

  1. Business Stream reserves the right to amend discounts and the way in which they are calculated without prior notice.
  2. These direct debit, combi and loyalty discounts terms and conditions apply to discounts for licensed services in Scotland.
  3. The discounts applied will be dependent on the licensed service taken by the customer and if loyalty discount, direct debit and/or eBilling (through My Business Stream) are selected. The current discount rates can be seen in our published discount matrix available on the Business Stream website.
  4. To qualify for the combination discount both eBilling and direct debit must be selected.
  5. To qualify for the loyalty discount both eBilling and direct debit must be selected. Furthermore, at the point of agreeing to the loyalty discount, the annual revenue or estimated annual revenue on the account that is due to receive the loyalty discount must be below £10,000.
  6. To apply for the loyalty discount customers can post in their completed mandates, email them as attachments or confirm during a phone call. For customers wishing to email in their mandates, please note that Business Stream operates an open email system.
  7. To apply for the combi discount customers can sign up online using our combi discount form.
  8. The discounts will be added to a customer’s account(s) within five working days of Business Stream receiving the customer’s mandate. If customers wish to sign up for loyalty discount, eBilling and direct debit, this need to be done at the same time for the start dates to be the same for all services.
  9. Incomplete forms will be returned to customers by post, with further instructions on how to complete them. These forms will not be processed until they are completed.
  10. To remain on eBilling, customers must activate their eBilling account within 21 days of signing up. This means following the link in the email we send when customers first agree to take the service and resetting their password. Customers must ensure that their online account is set up correctly and maintain a valid email address to receive their bill email notifications. Customers that pay their charges by cash must view their online bills regularly and not incur cost of recovery charges. Failure to comply with any of these behaviours can result in removal of the eBilling service, the associated discounts and the reinstatement of paper bills.
  11. Discounts will not be available to customers on special agreements.
  12. Discounts are available to metered and non-metered customers. However loyalty discount is not applied to the following accounts: surface drainage only, trade effluent, taps and troughs and LUVA.
  13. Where the bill is for metered charges and/or trade effluent, discounts will be added to the bill produced at the end of the billing period in which the application is made.
  14. Discounts will only be applied to current charges on the bill – not the bill total, as this could contain brought forward amounts.
  15. In the event of a direct debit defaulting, the discount, and where customers are also signed up to eBilling the additional combination discount, will be removed if the customer pays by another means, the loyalty discount will also be removed. Customers are removed from direct debit after four failures.
  16. If the customer requests that they come off eBilling,  and where they also pay by direct debit the additional combination discount, will be reclaimed. Where the customer is also receiving loyalty discount, the loyalty discount will also be removed.
  17. If a non-metered customer, who is signed up to eBilling and/or pays by direct debit and/or is in receipt of loyalty discount, moves out of their current property, the discount will be prorated and reclaimed.
  18. If a customer’s meter is misread, the customer’s charges, together with the discounts, will be re-billed and reissued with the correct charges and correct discount.
  19. If a customer signs up for eBilling and/or direct debit and/or is in receipt of loyalty discount but cancels before the bill is issued, then the discounts will also be cancelled for the entire time.
  20. If a customer pays by installments, the charges and discounts will be spread evenly, rather than all the discounts being applied to the first payment date.
  21. Our supply of services is always subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions of supply, if there is any conflict these Discount Terms and Conditions apply.