Water benchmark calculator

Save water and money by comparing the water usage of your business to others in your sector.

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Since we need to know how much water you use, this calculator can only be used if you have a water meter. If you don’t have a water meter, find out how to get one.

Step 1 – review your water bill

Find your most recent water and waste water bill and identify your customer reference and quarterly water usage. You will need these numbers to complete the calculator.

Step 2 – complete the calculator

Enter your business details, including sector, type, water usage and customer reference. Your results will be sent to the email address you provide.

Step 3 – how to improve

Click the Calculate button to see how your usage compares to other businesses like yours – and find practical and easy ways save water and money.

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Our water benchmark calculator compares your business' water usage against others in your sector and is based on our years of experience and research. The calculator is designed to show you how you can save water and save money. The results shown are intended as a guide only and will not accurately reflect how you are charged.

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Can't see your type of business?

Over time, we aim to make the calculator as comprehensive as possible, but at present some business types are not included. If you can't see your business type, more information about making your business greener can be found on the water efficiency section.

Don't have a water meter?

This tool is based on water usage, so if your business does not have a water meter then this tool will not be useful for you. To receive more accurate water bills, find out how a water meter can benefit your business.

How to work out your quarterly water usage

To get the best results from our online calculator, the water usage you enter should be your average consumption over 90 days (a quarter of one year).

You can find your water usage on your bill under the Unit column that ends with m3 - e.g. 125m3. The amount of days this figure relates to will also be shown in the same column.

Take the water usage figure and divide by the number of days the charge relates to then multiply to get the average for 90 days. For example:

  • 125m3 ÷ 100 days = 1.25m3
  • 1.25m3 x 90 days = 112.5m3 per quarter

More information about your bill can be found in our Take a closer look at your bill guidance.

How to find out your customer reference

You can find your 7 digit customer reference number at the top right corner of your water bill, usually starting with the number 2.

More information about your bill can be found in our Take a closer look at your bill guidance.