To your tap and beyond

How water gets to you, and where it goes

To understanding how water arrives at your tap and where it goes next is important - each stage has a commercial and environmental cost.
Stage 1

Stage 1

Water is collected and treated…

Rain and river water is collected from the natural environment and pumped to a treatment works where it’s filtered, cleaned and made suitable for drinking. After it’s been treated, it’s pumped to storage tanks.

Stage 2

Stage 2

It’s pumped through the network to you…

Regional water network operators transport this water through thousands of miles of pipes and ducts to connect the supply to your business.

Stage 3

Stage 3

You use it and it drains away…

Once you’re finished with it, the water journey is far from over – every drop must be transported and treated again. Drainage water, rainwater run-off from roads and buildings, and industrial waste water is all treated too.

Stage 4

Stage 4

It’s filtered, strained and cleaned…

Processing waste water is even more expensive and carbon-intensive than treating water collected from the natural environment.

Stage 5

Stage 5

It’s finally returned to nature...

Only when all the processing is complete can the clean waste water be returned to the environment.

What Business Stream does

In the non-domestic market, Business Stream looks after you, the customer. We read your meters, issue your bills, help you save, and make sure you get the seamless service you deserve.

It’s your regional wholesaler who is responsible for operating the network that provides safe drinking water to homes and businesses. They’re responsible for taking away and treating waste water too – that’s why the majority of your bill goes straight to them.

We’re committed to making a positive difference for the environment

As populations grow and the world gets warmer, the demand for water increases.

As a responsible retailer, we’re working hard with customers like you to cut our collective water usage and protect the environment.

We’ve pledged to help you reduce your consumption by up to 20%.

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