Trade Effluent Hire Kit Solutions

Get your trade effluent under control by hiring or leasing the equipment you need

Our range of hire kit can help minimise your trade effluent discharge and reduce your charges plus you’ll benefit from our trade effluent expertise when you work with us.

We hold one of the biggest hire kits in the UK

The equipment is temporary so there is no need for planning permission or capital expenditure

You can try before you buy plus we can support with operation and maintenance

Equipment is flexible and can help to reduce risk

Here are some examples of hire kit available to you now – get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Portable waste water treatment unit

STANDARD BIO UNIT (submerged aerated filter – SAF)

Helps to reduce ammonia and chemical/biological oxygen demand which can damage the environment plus puts an extra load on treatment operations (this can mean an increase in operating charges).

This compact unit can help meet discharge consent levels and/or reduce trade effluent charges.

F-type settlement tank

Ideal for short-term contracts, small sites and restricted access.

This flat bottomed unit is ideal for the collection of silt in the construction industry and is an effective solution for short-term contracts, small sites and restricted access.

H-type settlement tank

Our portable settlement tanks are highly effective in the removal of high solids

Our portable settlement tanks are highly effective in the removal of high solids from effluent as an alternative to lagoons or large settlement tanks. These units can be used for solids settlement and as part of a biological treatment process.

Chemical dosing container unit

This portable, easily maintained unit allows safe chemical dosing and mixing in a self-contained area.

It has a variety of applications: dosing coagulant, pH correction or disinfection chemicals. Being a self-contained modular unit allows quick deployment on site and easy integration into the treatment process.

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