Types of Trade Effluent

Business Stream water experts will help you manage your trade effluent, no matter what form it takes

Fats, oils & greases

Disposing of fats, oils and greases down the drain can cause clogs as well as sewer blockages which can spill out causing damage to the wider environment.

If you need to take immediate action or require a temporary fix, Business Stream can hire out the appropriate plant for disposing of fats, oils and greases. Or, if you need a permanent solution, we can design, operate, build and pilot an on-site treatment plant to meet your fat disposal needs.

Chemical and biological oxygen demand

Pollutants introduced to water can severely deplete the oxygen available to plant and animal life.

Effluent that measures high in chemical oxygen demand (COD) or biological oxygen demand (BOD) will deplete water of more oxygen. Failing to maintain the correct COD or BOD levels can slow down treatment operations and may result in increased operating charges. Effluent samples that fail to meet COD and BOD consent levels could also incur additional charges from your supplier.


Metals released into the environment from liquid waste that isn’t treated properly can have a toxic effect on plants, animals and humans.

Metals won’t necessarily be physically visible in your liquid waste. So you must have an effective effluent sampling system in place to detect them. To avoid consent compliance issues it’s essential to address the presence of these metals before the effluent is sampled.

pH Correction

When a solution that’s highly acidic or alkaline goes down the drain, its corrosive nature can cause extensive damage to the sewerage system. This can result in prosecution and fines.

To ensure that liquid waste is within the right pH range for disposal, an effective system of effluent sampling is needed. Otherwise, you may not be aware of the issue until tanks and drains display visible signs of corrosion.

If you have an on-going demand for pH correction, Business Stream can design, operate, build and pilot an on-site treatment plant for your business. Alternatively, you can turn to our trade effluent plant hire for a temporary pH correction solution.

Suspended solids

Releasing suspended solids into the environment can be harmful to both plant and animal life.

Disposing of higher volumes of suspended solids may increase your operating charges. Reducing the volume of suspended solids in your liquid waste can prevent your operating charges from mounting up. It might be higher operating costs that first alert you to an issue. Or you may notice drains that are increasingly slow to clear or stop working altogether.

If your liquid waste contains suspended solids, Business Stream can help you to keep operations flowing smoothly.