If you need to disconnect your water supply our team can help you with this process

If your site is in Scotland

Please complete a disconnection application form and send it to our team at newconnections@business-stream.co.uk DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM

It can take up to six weeks for a water disconnection to take place after this is deemed feasible. Remember, you cannot disconnect the water supply yourself, this must be done by Scottish Water as the meter and pipework belong to them.

If your site is in England

Applying for a temporary or permanent disconnection

Please complete a disconnection application form and send a hand-signed copy to our team at newconnections@business-stream.co.uk 


If you’re having any problems paying please get in touch with us.

Disconnection for non-payment

Your water may be disconnected if you haven’t paid your bills for some time. Don’t worry, we’ll reconnect you as soon as you’ve made payment, although there will be a charge for this.

The Water Industry Commission regulates this process and has a useful document that tells you how this works.


We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and to get this right for the end client, it's crucial to have this information from the outset. We have very favourable contract terms to offer and by making contact early and having everything in place it helps the end client avoid being back billed.

What information do I need to provide?

Please provide the information requested on the form and in section 1 (the checklist of supporting information). Getting all of the right information upfront will avoid delays.

What will a disconnection cost?

If your site is in Scotland, your disconnection will be free of charge.

If your site is in England, we’ll ask that you pay a deposit against the cost of your disconnection (and reconnection, in the case of temporary disconnections).  If the cost of your disconnection will be greater than the deposit, we’ll provide you with a quote for the necessary works.

If you choose not to proceed with the disconnection, we’ll refund your deposit to you, less the cost of any site surveys/inspections already carried out.

What are my responsibilities?

Please provide the information requested on the form and in section 1 (the checklist of supporting information). We’ll then work with the Wholesaler and yourself to arrange everything.

Remember, you’re not allowed to disconnect the water supply yourself. It has to be done by the Wholesaler, as the meter and pipework belongs to them. You’ll still be liable for water charges if you remove the water meter yourself.

How do I track the progress of my application?

Once we've received your application we’ll log it on our system and a case owner will be appointed within two business days. Your case owner will then assess your application within five days and let you know if it can be sent on to the Wholesaler or if there's any missing information we need from you.

What is the process and how long does it take?

In Scotland: First, we'll log and assess your application, before sending it to Scottish Water. They'll then carry out a survey of your site and confirm within 20 business days if the supply can be disconnected. Once confirmed, we'll give you an update, then ask Scottish Water to schedule the final disconnection. This will be done within six weeks.

In England: The process is slightly more complex, your case owner will talk this through with you as you begin the process.