New Connections

Whether you’re looking to connect a development to the mains water supply and sewerage system or need a temporary water supply – we can help

Our expert team has unrivalled experience in supporting new connections and will be on hand to help throughout the process. From design to connection, Business Stream’s end-to-end service will ensure your development receives a clean, reliable water connection.

If you’re familiar with the application process or would like a helping hand, we’re here whenever you need us.

You can apply online today and download our useful guidance notes which will help you through each step in the process.

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New Connections in England

We don’t currently offer a connection service in England, but you can apply for this directly with your water and/or waste water wholesaler.

For more information, visit the Open Water website.

Our team was able to help by ‘walking’ the company through the complex new connection process
Robertson Construction Case Study


Can I get help with applying for a new connection?

Business Stream has unrivalled experience in designing, laying and upgrading water mains, sewers and associated works to current water industry standards and our solutions team can provide a full service to project manage your new connection from start to finish. To find out more or discuss what we can do for you, please contact or use our online enquiry form.

How do I complete and submit an application?

All our forms and useful guidance notes can be found here. They are all editable PDFs which you can download and update from your computer. Once you’ve completed the forms and have all the associated paperwork (you’ll find a checklist at the start of the form) please email it to us at

Please note that if the form is incomplete or the required paperwork is missing, it may be delayed until you have provided all information so it's worth checking you’ve got everything you need.

What are my responsibilities when applying for a new connection?

This can be a complex process which requires detailed knowledge and skills, especially if you’re applying for a (non-standard) connection with a pipe size of greater than 32mm which requires WIRS accreditation. You’ll be responsible for providing a clear site location plan and detailed designs in accordance with current legislation. You’ll also be responsible for excavations, provision of materials, statutory notices such as road opening permits and current byelaw compliance. 

Each application form has a checklist of the information required and more detailed information can be found in our getting started document and in the guidance notes for the relevant application type. 

Business Stream has unrivalled experience in the end-to-end process of project managing new connection projects. Get in touch with us to find out more at, or use our online enquiry form.

What is WIRS accreditation?

From 1 April 2013 it became necessary to have WIRS (Water Industry Registration Scheme) accreditation to produce the design and/or lay the pipe work if your water connection is non-standard (greater than 32mm). 

What are the charges for a new connection?

All of our charges are published in our Charging Statement. These typically change on 1 April each year. The cost for a connection usually includes fees for the following: application, inspection, infrastructure and connection*.

*There is no connection fee for sewers as the customer makes their own connection. If your water connection is standard (greater than 32mm) then the costs are fixed however if it’s a non-standard connection the cost will be based on the specifics of the job. We are unable to provide estimates for this as each case is unique.

How do I track the progress of my application?

You’ll be appointed a case owner at Business Stream to look after your development who’ll get in touch with you at the start of the process to discuss your development and provide you with their contact details. To help keep you up to date throughout the process we’ve developed a number of automated emails which will keep you informed about the status of your application. If you have any questions you can also call your case owner at any time.

How do I find out what/where the water/sewer mains are?

Knowing the location of the water and waste water networks within the vicinity of your development is vital information. Scottish Water owns the public infrastructure and has appointed approved asset plan providers to supply you with the copies of its water and waste water network drawings. 

Each of our approved providers have developed internet-based, plan collation services to help you better understand your future development. 

Speak to one of the approved providers now to order your asset plans:

Site Investigation Services (UK) Ltd. 

0333 123 1223 |

National One-Call

0800 0853 865 |  

Please note that plans indicate assets within the vicinity of a property, not whether a property is connected to Scottish Water’s networks.

Why are separate applications for building water, water, sewer etc. necessary?

To ensure your new connection runs as smoothly as possible, Business Stream adheres to Scottish Water’s operational code. This code sets out the co-ordination agreements between Scottish Water and Licensed Providers in connection with the provision of Water and Sewerage Services. By following this code, which details each application form separately, it means your new connection should be a simpler and smoother process.

What are the expected timescales?

The average end-to-end time to get your new connection is three to six months. These timescales are set by Scottish Water’s operational code, which is followed by all License Providers. If your form is accurate and contains all of the information needed there should be no delays.

Please note that on occasion there may be complexities associated with your site which may mean the timescales are extended while the complexities are worked through. We’ll work with you and Scottish Water to make sure you're kept informed throughout.

What is the process at each stage?

Once you've sent us your completed application, Business Stream will log it within two working days and you’ll be appointed a 'case owner' for your development. This case owner will assess your application within five business days and let you know if it can proceed to Scottish Water or if additional information is required.

When Scottish Water receives your application they’ll check if the capacity required is available and if it is they’ll technically assess and provide Business Stream with the details of the approval. On receipt of the technical approval Business Stream will prepare your quote and issue it to you within five business days along with a quote response document, which should be returned within the timescales set out with your quote. If you accept your quote you must satisfy any/all conditions on the quote before we can schedule your track inspection and connection.

You should prepare for your track inspection making sure you follow our helpful guide. We’ll need at least ten business days’ notice to schedule your track inspection. Once the track inspection has passed, Scottish Water will typically make the connection within 14 days.

What is DOMS?

DOMS stands for Distribution Operation and Maintenance Strategy. It was introduced into Scottish Water to:

  • Safeguard the quality of water supplied to customers
  • Show that Scottish Water applies due diligence to the operation and maintenance of its distribution network

It’s essentially the risk assessment carried out by Scottish Water for all new connections. As a result of Scottish Water's network constantly changing a DOMS assessment lasts only seven days and must be refreshed if the connection is not made within the seven day window. 

What additional information needs to accompany an application?

All of our application forms carry a checklist which outlines the specific additional requirements. Each application is slightly different so please refer to the checklist.

I have no experience of this process, how can Business Stream help?

If you want to get in touch about your application you can contact our expert team on 0333 207 9703, email us at or use our online enquiry form.

How can I apply to install a meter?

If you’re a customer based in Scotland, you can apply here.

If you’re based in England, please contact our expert team on 0333 207 9703 where an adviser will complete the relevant form with you over the phone.