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Welcome to our home of payments and savings. It’s here you’ll find out how to pay your bill, how we can help you save and, if you’re having difficulty understanding your bill, we have a useful interactive tool to help.

Why do we pay for water?

Did you know water goes through a complex journey before it reaches you? Each stage contributes to the charges you pay.

Everyone pays for water, but your household will pay it as part of your council tax in Scotland. In business, you get a separate bill for your water and waste water. 

The water cycle

Rain and river water is collected in Scotland’s 678 reservoirs, from which it is pumped to Scottish Water’s treatment works. The water is then filtered and cleaned so it’s suitable for drinking. After it’s been treated, it’s pumped to storage tanks.

Once water has been used, it’s drained into the sewers where it’s again taken for treatment. Drainage water from roads and buildings is also processed, as well as industrial waste water. It’s filtered, strained and thoroughly cleaned – processing waste water is even more expensive than treating water. Once this process is complete, the cleaned waste water is fit to be returned to nature.

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Water Saving Devices & Tips

Advice on how to be more water efficient, including how to claim your free Water Efficiency Pack

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Our Charges

You can download our charging statements for Scotland below or visit information on Rates and VAT here.

Default Maximum Tariffs 2018/19 Guide to Charges 2017/18

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