Water efficiency

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We’re committed to working proactively with Scottish Public Sector organisations to improve their effective water management. We can assist you to deliver environmental benefits which support the Scottish Government’s Zero Carbon plan and help you to achieve sustainable, year-on-year reductions in water charges.

As part of this, we offer the following services to help support organisations in the ongoing drive to reduce unnecessary water usage:

  • 100 days of free on-site leak detection surveys across the framework term
  • Consumption or potential leak alerts and support
  • Access to our £100k annual Water Efficiency Fund
  • Discounts on water efficiency devices
  • Extended AMR options
  • Tariff analysis and profile optimisation
  • Free online benchmarking tool to compare consumption against sites of a similar size and type, as well as against industry standards.
  • Water efficiency advice from our in-house team of water experts
  • Educational workshops across Scotland for customers and their supply chain to promote water efficiency
  • Free digital resources to improve water efficiency knowledge and promote best practice water usage behavior.

Additionally, if you have any project(s) in the water management space, you may be able to benefit from our Framework services. Plus, we have decades of experience, a vast network of partners and an ISO qualified Project Management team to manage it for you.

We’ll provide you with a tailored Water Efficiency Action Plan, which identifies opportunities for water efficiency including a report with recommendations of measures to decrease water consumption and costs. We’ll also send you a post project report detailing the water you’ve saved from your water efficiency interventions including carbon reduction reporting.

Water efficiency webinars

We’ll host six-monthly webinars focusing on water efficiency - sharing best practice and hints and tips from industry experts to promote effective water management with a spotlight on specific services such as Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and water efficiency devices. If you’re joining the framework after 1 April 2024, you can access a recording of these webinars in the Useful Resources Library.

Apply for grants from our annual Water Efficiency Fund

Did you know you can apply for a grant for a water efficiency related project from our £100k annual Water Efficiency Fund? We’ll work with Scottish Procurement to select successful projects based on qualifying criteria and affordability. To find out more about the Fund, contact your Account Manager directly who will be able to give you details about when applications for the Fund will be opening.