Our Pledge to Save Water

At Business Stream, we are passionate about water efficiency and its benefits, that's why we have committed to helping our customers save 20% on their water usage.

We realise the importance of saving water for our customers and the environment.

That's why our team of water experts are committed to helping our customers reduce their water usage, which can help to save money on their bills too.

Did you know?

The average business in the UK is using 30% more water than they need to.

When it comes to water usage, sometimes making even the smallest changes can make a big difference. It’s important to make sure that you are only using as much water as you need.

Read all about how we can help you to reduce your water consumption, delivering financial and environmental benefits.

Helping you to save

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There are lots of benefits to saving water, check them out below.

Save Money

Save Money

If you have a metered supply, you'll see an immediate impact on your bottom line by reducing your water consumption.

Reduce Your Waste

Reduce Your Waste

By saving water, you'll reduce the amount of waste water down your drain too - a double benefit to your bottom line

Help the Environment

Help the Environment

When you cut back your water usage, it helps to preserve natural resources and boosts your corporate social responsibility efforts too

Improve Your Carbon Footprint

Improve Your Carbon Footprint

Helping you achieve your carbon reduction targets, including Green Action Plans for public sector bodies

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We've got water saving solutions, whatever your business size. Since 2008, we've helped our customers save over 38 billion litres of water and delivered almost £75 million in financial savings.
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Benchmark your water usage

Find out how you measure up against similar businesses with our water benchmark calculator


Track down hidden leaks

Hidden leaks could be costing your business money. Check out our useful guide to tracking down leaks


Book a water audit

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Automated Meter Readings

 A simple but effective way to keep an eye on your consumption plus find real cost savings on your water bills