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Who should I contact if I have an urgent problem?

If you need to speak to us in an emergency you can contact us on 0330 123 2000, Monday to Friday between 9.00am – 5.00pm. Outside of these hours, you can contact Scottish Water on 0800 0778 778.

If I switch to Business Stream, how long do I have to wait to receive my contract?

Your contract will be checked to make sure the details are correct before we issue it. This typically takes a couple of days.

What are typical reasons for high consumption?

If you have noticed a spike in your water consumption this can be due to a change in your water usage, a burst meter/pipework or you may be on a shared supply with another property. Get in touch with us on 0330 123 2000 and we can help you resolve this.

Why do I have to pay for water?

Just like you do with your gas and electricity supply, every business in Scotland has to pay for the water they use, and the costs of treating and delivering a clean, fresh water supply. You can find out more about the water cycle here.

What checks should I carry out to determine the cause of a problem with my water supply?

You can turn off the water supply at the stop tap and observe your water meter to identify if the meter is registering consumption. You can also take a meter reading at the close of business and another the following morning to identify if there has been water consumption registered when you have been closed. It’s also worth looking to see if there is any visible sign of water rising, which would certainly indicate a leak.

How long would it take to resolve my problem and when would I hear back from you?

This depends on the issue but we will always aim to contact you with a response as soon as possible. If you’ve submitted a complaint, we’ll aim to resolve this within 20 days. If, for any reason, this will not be the case, we’ll explain the delay and agree a new completion date with you.

What information do I need to provide if I want to switch to Business Stream?

You would have to provide your supply point ID, also known as SPID, which should be on your current provider's invoicing. We’ll also need your supply address and a billing address as well as up-to-date contact details. Find out how to switch to us here.

What do I do if I’d like to leave Business Stream?

We’re sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving Business Stream. Before you do, we’d like to see if there’s anything we can do to keep you - and if there's something we can do better, we’d love the chance to do so. Please just get in touch with us on 0330 123 2000 today. We’re happy to help.

If you’re thinking of ending your fixed term contract with us, please remember that you may have to pay back any discounts received, depending on the particular offer. For more info check your offer and contract terms and conditions or simply get in touch.

Can Business Stream offer me something to keep me as a customer?

Visit our Savings page or call us for further details on 0330 123 2000.

How do I make a complaint about Business Stream?

You can raise your initial complaint through our online webform. If for any reason you feel your query hasn’t been resolved as expected, you can escalate your concerns to our customer relations team by calling 0330 123 2000 or by writing a letter of complaint via post. You can view our complaints procedure here.

How do I set up third party access?

You’ll need to complete a Third Party Authority (LOA) form and submit it via our online forms here. You can read our helpful guidance notes which include steps to help you complete your form.

What do I do after my account is closed with Business Stream?

We’re sorry to hear you’ve closed your account with us. If you believe you have an outstanding credit on your account, please call us on 0330 123 2000. You can either choose to transfer this to another account with us, or we can send you a cheque to refund you.

Please note: Credit balances can only be refunded providing there are no other accounts with a debit balance.

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