Breaking down my charges

We understand that bills can be confusing, and sometimes you might need a little help to understand how you've been charged. We're happy to help and break things down for you so it makes sense.

Before you get in touch, make sure you've followed these three simple steps...

1. Check out our understanding your bill page

Quite often we find that customers who are looking for information on charges, are actually looking to understand their bill and how it's put together. We've got a handy guide to understanding your bill which explains each section and what you should expect to see there. Check it out first, it might help to clear some things up.

2. Make sure your bill isn't estimated

If your bill is higher than you might have expected, make sure that it isn't based on an estimate. Estimates are based on your past usage, but they can never be 100% accurate, so it's always best (if it's safe to do so) to provide an actual meter reading to us. That way we can make sure your bill is based on the water you've actually used and see what difference that might make.

3. See a full breakdown of charges for your region

If you'd like to see detailed information on charges for your region, you can check them out here. Charges can appear quite complicated when viewed that way though, so if you're still unsure, it might be best to let us personalise it for you.

Still need help? No problem, just fill out the form below.