Payment options

We’re delighted to be able to offer you some additional payment options which include enhanced discounts for annual deposits and annual payment in advance.

You’re safe with us 

The three-month advanced payment limit has been removed by WICS for those Licensed Providers who signed up to WICS voluntary standard licence conditions on financial resilience and customer support measures. We’ve signed up to both of these voluntary licence conditions which means we can offer flexible, attractive tailored pre-payment arrangements to all PSS customers in return for additional savings.

We remain the most financially resilient Licensed Provider in the market. To provide added assurance on the protection of any advanced payments, you can opt to change your preferred payment option at any time during the Framework contract by simply providing 30 days’ notice of your new preferred option.

Payment options available

Our current average standard discount for Framework customers, which is calculated from the default retail charges approved annually by WICS, is 21% but this will vary for each customer based on the mix of services provided. You’ll be able to save even more money and benefit from significant savings on your water bills by choosing one of our advanced payment options.

1. Deposits

Our deposit option allows you to make a one-off upfront payment covering up to 12 months of charges in advance and securing up to a further 4.5% discount on all charges. This means you can enjoy discounted bills on a monthly basis across the term of the contract, with the deposit being returned to you at the end of the contract, or earlier, if you choose to opt for an alternative payment arrangement. Please note that you will still be required to pay your monthly invoice each month.

2. Payment in advance

Our payment in advance (PIA) option allows you to make a one-off discounted payment covering up to 12 months of projected charges, securing up to a further 2.8% discount on all charges. You make the payment based on your preferred payment option for the PIA period. We’ll provide a reconciliation statement at six and 12 months, which gives an overview of what has been billed against your payments made. During the reconciliation, if there are significant changes in the cost projection, an additional payment may be required to align the account or we’ll provide a refund if your costs have decreased.


As part of your welcome email, we’ve provided you with a Cost Forecast showing a projection of the financial savings available to you under each option allowing you to select your preferred payment option. Our payment terms for payment in arrears are 30 days from the date of invoice.

The discounts above will be subject to periodic review. The rate may change based on prevailing interest rates but, it will remain fixed for the period of the selected option. We will notify you in advance of any planned changes to discount rates over the term of the contract so that you may reassess your preferred payment method.

If you are already on a deposit or PIA scheme under the current Framework contract, once we’ve received your completed Options Form, we’ll advise you on the steps required to transition to your new preferred payment arrangements.

We have a dedicated team in place led by Tom Abel, our Director of Sales, and supported by Debbie Malcolm, our Framework Manager, who are on hand to answer any queries you may have about our deposit or PIA payment options.

3. Process payments faster with BACS and Direct Debit

Direct Debit and BACS offer you fast, convenient payment processing. Let us know which one you prefer on your Options Form.

  • If you choose Direct Debit, we’ve provided you with a Direct Debit mandate in your welcome email. Please complete it and return it to us at If you haven’t received your welcome email, please contact your Account Manager directly or email
  • If you choose BACS, please use the following bank details to set up payments: Sort code: 30-00-02 | Account number: 03029919 Account name: Business Stream

Please include your customer reference number and billing address on any payment remittances and send to or to your Account Manager. Please note, payment is required within 30 days of the invoice date.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept any payments made by credit card or cashback card payments.

Integration with Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) companies

We’ll continue to engage and work closely with M&T providers. This will include scheduling a series of meetings with representatives from each M&T provider and our Billing, IT and Data teams to ensure we can meet and exceed the new Framework requirements before the first bills are issued. We’ll also facilitate tripartite forums with you and the M&T providers to identify opportunities to further enhance the process and exceed your requirements.

Connections and disconnections support

Once we’ve transferred your site, we will provide details of our connections and disconnections process. Under the Scottish Procurement Framework, you’ll receive connections support free of charge.


To request a new connection, simply contact your Case Owner or Account Manager with the details, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our New Connections Specialists will coordinate all aspects of your application. We’ll even handle the applications to Scottish Water on your behalf. You can find out more by visiting


Alternatively, if you need to apply for disconnection services, just let your Case Owner or Account Manager know and we’ll handle the rest, including your application and meter removal requests to Scottish Water. You can find out more by visiting