Advice for staying water wise during summer

We all have a part to play. As we work closely with water wholesalers, we’d like your support in ensuring water resources are maintained at healthy levels.

UK hot weather

The UK has been experiencing a heatwave this summer as temperatures soar and water demand peaks. We have a role to play in using water wisely, and we are encouraging all our customers to do this throughout the year. There’s never been a better time to consider the water usage in your business, taking small steps can have a big impact when it comes to reducing demand and waste. 

Consider your non-essential water needs and help to reduce water usage at home and at work where you can.

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Information about the hosepipe ban

United Utilities previously announced that a hosepipe ban would be introduced in the North West of England from 5 August, this ban has now been called off and the restrictions will not be introduced.

The slightly cooler temperatures, recent rainfall and customers’ water saving efforts have eased the demand for water in the area. The Met Office long range forecast for autumn is relatively dry so future restrictions are still a possibility, if this changes our customers in the affected area will be contacted directly with an update.

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Experiencing problems?

If you do experience problems including leaks, reduced pressure or loss of supply then visit the website of your water wholesaler for up to date information and advice.

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