Development Impact Assessment

When applying for a new connection Scottish Water may need to take a closer look at your development plan

What is a Development Impact Assessment?

What is a Development Impact Assessment?

A Development Impact Assessment (DIA) will review the capacity of the local public water and waste network to ensure it can cater for the demands of your proposed development.

Remember, it’s important to apply for a DIA as early in the process as possible to ensure any issues are highlighted early.

Do I need to apply for a DIA?

Do I need to apply for a DIA?

A DIA will help to support your new connection application and it’s worth applying prior to requesting a connection if:

  • Your proposed development will have an annual water consumption of over 1500m3 (equivalent to the usage of ten domestic houses)
  • You’re uncertain or believe there may be network or capacity issues in the area of your development

Apply for a DIA

You’ll need to complete Form E: Development Impact Assessment and submit it to

Download application

Need help?

Check out our useful guidance notes to help you through the process

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