Applying for a new connection

Our team of water experts is here to guide you through the process of connecting you to Scottish Water’s infrastructure. Our useful guidance booklet can also help you through each step in the process.

All the application forms that you might need can be found below. You’ll be able to download and edit these in your own time.

Please note, the full process can take up to 20 weeks but if all application forms and information supplied is correct, it can be a lot quicker.

Form E: Application for development impact assessment (DIA)
Form E: Guidance notes

It’s recommended you complete Form E prior to progressing with development proposals to avoid any unexpected surprises later.

Form A: Application for a permanent water connection
Form A: Guidance notes
Form B: Application for waste water connection
Form B: Guidance notes
Form C: Application for water mains connection
Form C: Guidance notes

From April 2014 you’ll need the necessary accreditation when seeking approval for non-standard (>32mm) connections. Read more about it here.

Form D: Application for sewerage main connection
Form D: Guidance notes
Form J: Application for temporary supply for building water
Form J: Guidance notes